Fencing club


Our Coaches

The Paris University Fencing Club has 3 high-level fencing coaches with the State Diploma for Youth, Popular Education and Sport (DEJEPS) . They accompany both high-level athletes as well as beginners, children, young people and recreational fencers.

The head coach and technical director of the club is Richard Robin, who currently trains 15 international fencers. He is assisted by Ghislain Maurice and Etienne Jouffe. Our fencing coaches are at your disposal and you can meet them during our training sessions.

Maître Ghislain MAURICE

Épée coach

Logistics manager

Maître Richard ROBIN

Technical director

High-level sport and strategy manager

Former fencer of the French national team

Maître Etienne JOUFFE

Épée coach

School fencing manager


Baby Fencing

Baby fencing is intended for children from 4 to 5 years old, you can’t find fecing for younger than that. From an early age, fencing promotes motor skills, intellectual acuity, the spirit of analysis and adaptation, self-knowledge and respect for others.

The youngest can thus from the age of 4 be introduced to the basics of fencing, and begin to appreciate fencing spirit.

Fencing School

It is reserved for children from 6 to 14 years old. Children can learn gestures and getting to know their opponent. Fencing develops natural qualities of flexibility, speed and visual acuity; and highlights their skills through concentration, decision-making, self-control and desire to progress.

Competitor Fencing

Athletes of PUC Fencing participate in competitions at regional, national and international level (professional athletes) in men’s and women’s categories, individually as well as in teams. This sector brings together the club members whose objectives are sporting success and mastery of sport.

Recreational Fencing

It is intended for general public (adults, beginners, students) looking for a dynamic activity without constraints of a competition.

We achieve all this within the PUC thanks to the spirit of conviviality bringing together young and old. This allows us to remain today – and we hope for a long time – among the elite of French fencing.


Cité Universitaire de Paris – South

Montparnasse – Armand Massard


The club provides possibility to rent fencing equipment. The annual rental is 100 euros for all the necessary equipment. An uncashed deposit of 150 euros (check) is also requested.

The coaches will be able to answer all your questions upon arrival to the club.


The fencing halls are open from Tuesday to Saturday to the different categories according to the schedule below.


Registration is done through the online form and online payment by credit card. Your registration will be directly sent to the club.

Please note that you need your administrative documents (photo ID + health certificate) for your online registration.

The health questionnaire is only valid for minors. A classic medical certificate is required in other cases. A health certificate obtained outside France is also valid.